Alumunium Frame

Offering a range of Aluminum Frames with elegant and stylish design, it is ideal for any architectural and residential project.

Alumunium Composite Panel

The best solution when you prioritize the exterior. We came with an impressive appearance, strong and sturdy.

Glass & Stair Railing

For those of you who prioritize the interior, we come with various designs to make your room more elegant.


Some places that have been installed, are as follows: 

  • Canopy Pasar Induk Bulungan, Kalimantan Utara (Structure & Alumunium)
  • RS Azarah Palembang (Aluminium, Curtain Wall dan ACP)
  • RS Di Berau (Alumunium & ACP)
  • Kantor Desperinda, Samarinda (Alumunium, ACP, Curtain Wall)
  • RS Tarakan, Kalimantan utara ( Alumunium, ACP, Curtain Wall, Stainles Steel)


  • Automatic Sliding Door
  • Automatic Sliding Gate
  • Swing Door
  • Barrier Gate
  • Revolving Door
  • Hermatic Door
  • Alumunium Frame
  • Alumunium Composit Panel
  • Curtain Wall
  • Stairs Railing
  • Glass Railing
  • Steel Frame
  • House